Charity Raffle by Text

CYMBA: Charity Text-2-Win Specialists

SMS Text is the perfect media to deliver a supporter message, enter a charity raffle, society lottery or a competition - process a one-time payment or start a regular gift - in an instant!

Cymba are UK leaders in large, multi-channel charity text donation campaigns that require opt-in engagement, regular giving and ongoing mobile marketing communications. Cymba are a leading SMS service provider and technical messaging innovator investing in third sector mobile marketing services.

Cymba support over 60% of the UK’s favourite charities with mobile marketing and fundraising activities promoted across TV, Radio, Press, Face-to-Face and Social Media campaigning.

Supporters can choose to express their support by texting a charity short code (and associated keyword). The advertised charity shortcode can be setup to process either a single donation, initiate a call-back, or to take a compliant regular monthly gift in accordance to the terms of the promotion. A change in fiscal regulation now allows charities to operate a society lottery by text message and receive the supporter’s VAT contribution.

The newly released (2017) range of charity short codes with a prefix of 7XXXX have been specifically configured so that many UK charities that already hold a gaming license to operate a society lottery can now broaden this appeal and extend the reach to mobile by adding a text message raffle to their fundraising mix.
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Cymba work with many of the UK’s most popular charities; these include UNICEF, RNIB, RSPCA and SENSE.

Our charity Text to Win platform supports the following applications:
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SMS Text Raffle
Society Lottery
Instant Win
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Prize Draws
ABC Skills-based Text Quiz
Regular Text Giving (automated monthly recurring gifts)

“Thanks - we’re over the moon”

- DRTV campaign for charity SENSE
We are a well established (since 2004) service provider and messaging innovator for charity DRTV and Text to Win services. We support fully integrated new media campaigns as well as long established fundraising activities such as press, outdoor and face-to-face prospecting.
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