Charity Text Raffle

Charity Raffle by SMS Text Message.

Cymba operate on behalf of UK charities a text message based raffle service.

The charity raffle (also known as a society lottery) by SMS service allows organisations to setup a single promotion or begin a weekly or monthly (automated) recurring program; their mobile component to a wider regular giving strategy.

SMS Text is the perfect media to both sell and to deliver a unique raffle ticket processing either a one-time payment or a regular gift - in an instant!

Call 0845 08 29622 or email us to learn more about a Charity Text Raffle.

Cymba are innovators and UK leaders in multi-channel charity text donation campaigns that require opt-in (or opt-out) mobile engagement, regular giving by text and ongoing SMS marketing communications.

Our Charity Text-2-Win platform supports the following applications:
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Text Raffle
Society Lottery by Text
Text Vote
Instant Win
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Prize Draws
SMS Text Quiz
Regular Giving by Text Message
Trusted: We’re a well established (since 2004) independent SMS service provider and third sector mobile messaging innovator based in London who operates nationally. We support over 60% of the UK’s favourite charities. We’re a technical mobile agency - able to support complex integrated messaging campaigns. We work with fundraising agencies, media agencies, strategic agencies and charity CRM companies.

“Cymba did a fantastic job. I would not hesitate to recommend them to colleagues.”

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Guidance relating to charity text raffles
Charities using a premium SMS (PSMS) to take a payment from people to enter a lottery will need to adhere to the Phone-paid Services Authority code of practice on premium rate text lines.

Running a raffle can be a way to recruit new supporters who buy the tickets. If you are planning to re-market to participants make sure you are registered with the Information Commissioner (ICO) to do so.

If your charity advertises its lottery publicly then it will have to comply with advertising codes of practice, as administered by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), or if it’s on TV you will need ad clearance from Clearcast.
To learn more about a Charity Raffle by Text call our team of friendly experts on 0845 08 29622 or email us.
Call 0845 08 29622 or email us.