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SMS Competitions by Cymba

Our Text to Win platform supports the following messaging applications:
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Raffle or Lottery
Instant Win
Prize Draw (Sweepstake)
SMS Competitions (ABC Quiz)
Unique Code / Voucher Redemption
Our SMS competition system can provide a number of different mechanics. Two examples are the 'Adaptive' mechanic and the 'time-distributed' mechanic.


The adaptive text to win mechanic works by looking at how many entries are expected and how many prizes there are available to come up with a 'chance to win'. For example, if you have 100 prizes and are expecting 1000 entries, then each entry has a 1-in-10 chance of winning. The system generates a random number to see if the entrant is lucky or not and responds accordingly. This method is called 'ADaptive' as it updates the probability of winning each time somebody enters. If greater-than-expected entries are being received the chance of winning is reduced, and vice versa. Also, if as a fluke of the random number generation too many or too few prizes are handed out early on, the probability is adjusted to account for this.

The benefits of this mechanism are: it is truly random, from the moment the SMS competition opens any of the prizes can be won and that it adapts dynamically to changes in the response rate and number of prizes remaining.


This mechanism works by randomly distributing the prizes across the duration of the competition, keeping them as evenly spread by day as possible but randomly by time. A prize is won by the first entrant to send a text after the instant at which it becomes available. For example, 100 prizes across a 20-day competition would mean that 5 prizes were assigned to each day, at random times. (The times vary each day).

The information on when each prize becomes winnable is obviously kept known to only a few (usually just the competition promoter knows and the technical staff at Cymba that have access to it).

The benefits of this mechanism are: prizes are distributed evenly throughout the competition regardless of variations in entry rate and virtually all of the prizes will be won.

Note: We can combine these two mechanics (for example, by releasing the first 25% of prizes in week 1 and using the ADaptive Text to Win mechanic to distribute those prizes, then letting another 25% of prizes become available in the second week, and so on. If the first week is quiet, then some surplus prizes from that week will 'roll-over' into week 2 automatically).

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Other Options / Considerations

Additionally, we can provide other constraints including:

1/ An upper limit on entries that can be made per phone number per day

2/ An upper limit on entries that can be made per phone altogether

3/ An upper limit on how many prizes can be won

4/ A time range during which time-distributed prizes cannot be won (we recommend this to prevent competition die-hards from maximising their chances by entering when everybody else is asleep)

5/ Format checks on the wording of the entry text message (for example, to check a postcode or email address is included)

6/ Age checks (the entry text must contain a birth date at least a certain number of years into the past).


Some SMS competitions only allow one entry per voucher (for example, a one entry per purchase type redemption). The consumer will be prompted to enter by a receipt or product wrapper that contains a unique serial number that is normally hidden until after purchase (under a ring-pull, reverse side of a label, etc.).

The ADaptive system fully supports this form of SMS competition and we can also generate the list of unique voucher codes for the client to provide to their printers/designers/embossers etc. If we don't generate the list ourselves then we’ll need them to provide it to us.

If the voucher number is not supplied, or is supplied but does not match the list, or is supplied but has already been used by a previous entry, then our platform recognises this and the entry is not accepted.

Note that all of the entry constraints can be combined.

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