Mobile Messaging, Marketing and Fundraising

Mobile messaging represents charity marketers and fundraisers with an array of opportunities. Charities that use mobile marketing can drive response, increase revenue and reach supporters on a deeper level.

Charity mobile marketing and fundraising is:

• Simple
• Ubiquitous
• Impulsive
• Fast
• Discrete

Despite SMS text messaging appearing a very basic way to communicate when compared to other digital marketing media it remains a highly effective, engaging and inclusive medium, with a massive potential reach for charitable organisations.

With text you get their number to build a relationship. Coupled with high penetration and high conversion rates mobile messaging has become a highly effective means of communicating to supporters and raising funds, often very quickly.

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“Thanks - we’re over the moon”

- Christmas DRTV campaign for charity SENSE
CYMBA is a UK leader in charity mobile marketing, messaging and SMS donation services. The company counts an unparalleled support for over 60% of the UK’s best loved charities. Since 2004 we’ve helped bring charity brands, their creative and fundraising agencies together to meet their respective mobile marketing and fundraising objectives. Clients include NSPCC, Barnados and Save the Children. The list also includes St John Ambulance, RSPCA, WWF and UNICEF.

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