Mobile Donations

Charity Marketing and Text Donations

Cymba is the leading mobile marketing provider for many UK charities. Our integrated mobile marketing platform allows charities of all size to unlock the huge potential of mobile as a direct marketing tool and fundraising channel.

Clients include NSPCC, Shelter, UNICEF, CR-UK, The Salvation Army, RSPB and Save the Children.

Mobile can be used to complement new and existing direct marketing and fundraising efforts. Mobile campaigns are often fast to deploy, low cost and can attract a high response. Using mobile can extend the reach of other charity marketing media, creating a highly targeted and immediate interaction with supporters.

DRTV and print were the first channels where charities were able to connect with supporters and mobilise brand awareness and direct response. However, over the past few years mobile marketing has been gradually used in other activities such as street prospecting and telephone fundraising, and nowadays the majority of charity campaigns tend to have a mobile element to them.

“The Cymba team made things brilliantly simple”

- Water Aid
Water Aid
Going mobile
The digitised fundraising environment opens up new opportunities for the Third Sector. Many of the UK’s leading charity brands are capitalising on the effectiveness of mobile marketing to recruitment new supporters, to affect positively donor attrition and influence the LTV of your supporter.

"Cymba quickly established themselves as a good company to work with."

- Shelter
Benefits Include:
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Mobile fundraising is well understood
Mobile donations are impulsive
Mobile is discrete and can be anonymous
Mobile campaigns are often fast to deploy
Mobile provides a fast, cash-less collection environment
Mobile giving can be used for single donations and regular giving
Mobile metrics use real-time tracking of donation, data and response
Mobile marketing can positively affect recruitment and retention