Mobile Fundraising

Charity fundraising service provider

Cymba is a leading UK provider of mobile fundraising and mobile marketing to the third sector.

We provide the systems and experience to motivate mobile engagement, canvas support and convert prospects to donors . We help charities conduct integrated mobile communications, take payment and positively affect loyalty programs and the donor journey. We achieve this:

• By channel
• By ask value and actual value
• By gift type

The level of results that can be achieved by introducing a mobile response to marketing, advertising and fundraising activities sets it apart from other methods by combining media communication, direct response and payment channel blending winning metrics that uplift response, recruitment and retention. We help our clients test channels and gift value so as to understand and progress the frontiers of digital mobile fundraising.

Clients include UNICEF, CR-UK, RSPCA, RSPB, NSPCC and Save the Children.

“Thanks - we’re over the moon”

- Christmas DRTV campaign for charity SENSE
We believe the real impact of changing behaviours is that charities now engage with supporters and donors in ways they want to be engaged. To learn more about mobile fundraising and marketing call our team of friendly experts on 0845 08 29622.

“Poppyscotland wanted to modernise its recruitment of volunteers and Cymba was able to provide a cutting edge solution to help us achieve this”

- Poppyscotland