Donation Innovation - by CYMBA

Developments in digital fundraising technology have had a dramatic impact on the way charities operate.

Charity fundraising and marketing communications using mobile services are now a viable option. In addition to enhancing channels of communication, reaching new supporters and campaigning more effectively, lies the potential for raising long term revenues whilst lowering attrition levels at relatively little ongoing cost to an organisation.

Getting Connected...

People like the convenience and simplicity of their mobile device. When it comes to giving to charity people also like a payment channel choice, they value their anonymity and feedback suggests they like to be in control of future payments at the touch of a button or tap of a screen.
The immediacy to reach and respond to a supporter’s mobile offers charities an almost unique opportunity to define a new generation of digital donor.

An example of fundraising innovation is Connected. In January 2011, the company became the first to launch Connected regular SMS giving system incorporating SKIP technology.

UNICEF was the first customer to use the new SMS text system. Following successful channel testing with creative agency Open Fundraising; UNICEF was soon joined by WWF, Christian Aid and Shelter. The system now serves many more organisations including WSPA, Marie Currie Cancer Care and Concern Worldwide.

Cymba no longer works with Open for RG PSMS. Connected is a Cymba product.
“Articulate and accountable charity mobile marketing can yield great returns” says Steve Hanna of Cymba. Complementing existing strategies with a mobile response can be used to supplement advertising media and uplift response and reach. “We believe mobile will be a fantastic source of unrestricted opportunity for the third sector,” Steve adds.


Regular giving by SMS donations are relatively easy for charities to set up because the technological work is outsourced. This also reduces the operational cost of your typical ‘gift fulfillment’ due to the systems Cymba employ to process a transaction, report and reconcile channel activity, and transfer the revenue that is generated.

Cymba aim to encourage greater use of mobile marketing and messaging as a fundraising and communications strategy for charities – large to small.

Secure a year-round income from Connected regular SMS donations:
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With demonstrable ROI
Has mainstream appeal but reaches a new audience
Low barriers of entry to people affected by recession but opens the gate to higher long term donations and bespoke appeal based communications
Cymba offer ideas about how the potential of mobile giving campaigns can positively affect key ongoing revenues and reduce attrition, as well as giving examples of how other charities have successfully used the technique.

Impact of Regular SMS Giving...
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Put’s the donor in control
Engage with great content – use video
Gateway into social networks and other digital media
To understand how SMS regular giving through Cymba works; from a data and income perspective call our friendly team of experts on 0845 08 29622 or email us.