Regular Text Giving

With The Original TEXT GIVING SKIP™

CYMBA is communicating the mobile fundraising initiative to UK charities. SMS text donations are widely used and well understood by most supporters and much of the Third Sector.

Acceptance rates continue to rise as have requests to give more and more often, by text message.

January, 2011 - Connected™ and the UK’s first industry approved regular giving system using SKIP™ technology goes live. UNICEF was the first charity onboard the new system. Soon they were joined by WWF, Christian Aid and NSPCC - introducing a new type of digital savvy donor to give on the mobile each month.

This exiting regular giving innovation incorporates SKIP - the ability for donors to choose whether to give or to skip a payment following a timely reminder to do so.
“The comprehensive and integrated nature of our CONNECTED platform makes it ideal across all channels. This includes face-to-face fundraising and telephone fundraising. Implementation can be fast, and we are happy to work directly with a charity, their marketing fundraising agency or contact centre. The broad media reporting capabilities incorporated within the system are designed specifically for the third sector, says Nevil Coleman of Cymba, supporting ongoing initiatives such donor journey, channel ROI and LTV, and for managing multiple campaigns over time with integrated results.”
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