Cymba provide leading brands, agencies and charities with SMS shortcodes.

A shortcode SMS marketing number allows an advertiser to communicate a fast (mobile) response, across all media direct to a customer’s mobile phone. Shortcodes are used for many different things including marketing and advertising response, voting, quizzes, competitions, for accessing alerts and reminders, and to make a charitable donation.

They are used by retailers and brands, service companies, charities and radio stations. The inclusion of a SMS shortcode in marketing and advertising can uplift direct response, influence brand interaction leading to customer acquisition, permission-based data collection and loyalty future programmes.

A shortcode for all media:
• TV
• Radio
• Press
• Poster
• On pack
• In store
• On vehicles
• Face-to-face
Nourish consumer preference for more information, more of the time, in an instant. Communicate your mobile marketing message - link offline advertising with online marketing - use a shortcode to bounce-back text or deliver a link to rich media content via the mobile web.

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- eHarmony
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